Miss South Dakota USA

Caroline Pettey

Miss South Dakota USA 2021

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Caroline Pettey is a graduate from Auburn University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Sports Media minor. While reporting for SB Nation and traveling with the WNBA team the Atlanta Dream, Caroline was determined to shine a light on the injustices within female athletics, thus her passion for hard hitting news was born.

Following her intuition, Caroline moved 1400 miles from her birth state of Alabama to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, where she now works as a weeknight News Anchor, Journalist, and Producer for a duopoly station in Rapid City. Nationally recognized for her work in journalism, Caroline is honored to be a voice for the constituents of South Dakota.

A volunteer with Her Vote, Her Voice and Working Against Violence, Inc, empowering and educating women on their personal power and purposes is especially important for her. Being crowned Miss South Dakota USA is one of the greatest accomplishments for Caroline, as she has truly found a home in the Mt. Rushmore state and is beyond honored to represent the beautiful people living here. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys snowboarding, hiking, computer coding, and promoting the amazing Miss Universe organization.