Miss South Dakota Teen USA

Katie Schmit

Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2021

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This small-town girl raised on a farm near Artesian, South Dakota, Katie Schmit struck it big on her first time entering the Miss South Dakota Teen USA pageant. She is excited to use her caring and outgoing personality to represent her community and the great state of South Dakota over the year and at Miss Teen USA this November.

Katie has been involved in many community and school activities. During high school, she was Student Body President, FFA President, 4-H President, and graduated as Valedictorian. She entered her freshman year of college having already completed 29 college credits and was accepted into the nursing program at South Dakota State University a semester early. After completing her nursing degree, Katie plans to continue her education to become a nurse practitioner with the hopes of helping where there is a need in rural areas.

Being involved with the Children’s Miracle Network fundraising events at college has been a blast for Katie. She hopes to use this next year to reach out and touch the lives of many children and bring smiles to their faces through similar events. Katie also used her medical education to become a COVID-19 Case Investigator Specialist with the South Dakota Department of Health allowing her to reach patients, reassure them and share knowledge about COVID-19. Being a support person for patients and families during this time was extremely rewarding.

As a senior in high school, Katie started an initiative program called Stopping Violence Against Women to help spread awareness on how to protect herself, her family, and her community. With help from local law enforcement officials and a self-defense specialist, she was able to host multiple workshops. During this year, she wants to continue to spread awareness on this initiative program throughout the state.

Katie said, “Being Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2021 is truly an amazing experience that I will forever cherish”.